The Hardknocks - Confrontation EP

Image of The Hardknocks - Confrontation EP

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Side A:
1. Confrontation
2. Brothers In Arms

Side B:
1. Our City
2. Never Forget

Pressing info:
10x testpress
100x Black
150X Oxblood

Review Backstreet Battalion:
The Hardknocks is four piece band (with two guitars) from Los Angeles and this is their four track EP released on Vinyl 4 Bootboys. The songs are called Confrontation, Brothers in Arms, Our City and Never Forget. Each song has around about two minutes. The rough vocals of both guitarists and bassist are dominating to the record, they are changing and complementing each other (like in the title song Confrontation which is shouted). Brothers in Arms is slower and has more melody thanks to the guitar solos (one riff sounds like faster version of the main solo in Terorist with a Guitar from BDTR). Refrain is singalong which we expect from the US bands. Our City starts with playful bass and it is faster song with oooo refrain. The last one called Never Forget is back in the hard line of Confrontation (again the shouted vocal), the melody of the guitars remains and it is the best song from the EP for me and it is dedicated to all of our brothers and sisters who passed out. Cover is drawn and again we can say that it is the line of classic US Oi! – flag, fight, cops, jail, boots. Inside are all lyrics, band photo and their logo. EP is limited to 250 copies (100 black and 150 oxblood) plus 10 testpressings. Great EP and a must have release for all fans of US Oi! music. You may check he songs on their web

Review American-Oi:
Last year I was compiling the “Promote & Provoke” compilation and one of the bands I received a bunch of demo recordings from blew me away, that’s right, LA’s The Hardknocks! I thought it was unfortunate to hear the band already split up around that time, but here’s the good news… The Hardknocks rose up from their graves and are ready to confront the world once again with their debut EP “Confrontation” on Vinyl 4 Bootboys Records!

“Confrontation” holds four new tracks and besides the title-track you will find “Brothers In Arms”, “Our City” and “Never Forget”. I guess the song-titles speak for themselves which make this slab of wax jam packed with tried and true American Oi! in both lyrics and sound which is very similar to fellow Los Angeles citizens (and future Crowd Control Media label mates) The Warlords and Down For Life. Tough vocals, tons of gang vocals, a bass driven’ sound and anthemic guitar riffs and solo’s, I love it!

As said, the EP is released through Vinyl 4 Bootboys but later this year The Hardknocks will drop their first full-length through Crowd Control Media. So you may want to look at this 7” as a little teaser for what is coming up, but until then you are set, because this is yet another great release from the City of Angels!