SunCity Skins/F.A.V.L. - split EP 7"

Image of SunCity Skins/F.A.V.L. - split EP 7"

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Eleventh title on Vinyl4Bootboys Records. This time is it split EP from Mexican skinheadrock´n´roll band SunCity Skins and Italian Oi!rock F.A.V.L. Both bands have on this split two songs.



Side A:
1. SunCity Skins - Nuestra escena 2:04
2. SunCity Skins - Anos en vano 2:09

Side B:
3. F.A.V.L. - Un altro ricordo 3:36
4. F.A.V.L. - Signo Viterbium 2:09

Pressing info:
100x Black
150x Transparent red
10x Testpress (Surprise color)

Review Backstreet Battalion:
Split EP from Mexican and Italian band will be out on Vinyl 4 Bootboys label which is responsible also for their previous releases. EP contains two and two songs from each band (some of them can be listen on this link Sun City Skins has there songs called Nuestra Escena (Our Scene) and Anos en Vano (The Lost Years), FAVL songs called Un Altro Ricordo (something like Another Memory but I do not know if google translator didn ´t fail) and Signo Viterbium (which you may know from their debut but it is re-recorded). If you check the titles you may recognize that both bands sing in their native tongue. Sun City Skins are playing melodic Oi! with rock guitar (solos and not just opening riffs in both songs) and you may find parallel between them and Orgullo Sur for example. They are playing in three and in spite of this fact their music is great. FAVL are beginning with the new song with great guitar at the beginning which leads you across whole song. As I wrote above second song can be known from their debut Cemento E Folia, but sound is better (again the work of the guitarist I suppose), it is harder and more straight forward then Un Altro Ricordo but it contains great singalong refrain. I am glad that the band returned to Italian lyrics because I think it fits them more and the first song really proves it. EP was released in 250 copies (100 black and 150 red) plus 10 testpressings. I really like the graphics of the cover which is great. Inside are lyrics and band photos. I think this is great release at the beginning of the new year and I hope it will be sold quickly. Super!

Review American Oi:
2014 started off great for Vinyl4Bootboys Records when they released the “Damned Streets” EP by F.A.V.L. and the “Viejo Orgullo, Nueva Gloria” EP by the Sun City Skins. Now the Czech bootboy brigade combines these Italian and Mexican powerhouses onto one 7”, making it the first ever split release for the label, in an attempt to give 2015 the same kick-start as last year!

Before I go any further, I can already tell you Vinyl4Bootboys Records managed to do so. Last year’s EP’s by both bands were great (and I have to admit I might have overlooked on them for my year list, too many releases coming out…) and on this split 7” both F.A.V.L. and the Sun City Skins continue on kickin’ ass! With several releases under F.A.V.L.’s belt, I didn’t expect anything less from the Italian pack, but since the Sun City Skins debuted last year with “Viejo Orgullo, Nueva Gloria” I was curious to hear what the Mexicans would bring to this split.

So, ‘sunny side up’ first where Sun City Skins deliver two fresh new tracks entitled “Nuestra Escena” and “Anos En Vano”, that top their debut tracks without a doubt. Great Rock’n’Oi! with a ton of melody. I love the short, fast paced, power packed opener “Nuestra Escena”, while “Anos En Vano” has a lot of room for great guitar riffs, (small) guitar solos and anthemic gang vocals! Also on their second release, the boys from Hermosillo, Mexico do not disappoint!

On the B side there is F.A.V.L., one of Italy’s up and coming new Oi! bands that’s been crushing speakers worldwide since 2011 with several EP releases and a full-length already. On their latest split 7” they bring one new song, “Un Altro Ricordo” and one re-recorded track, “Signo Viterbium” (originally from their 2011 so I assume it’s re-recorded, don’t have the actual demo). I love these guys’ style and with both songs having a runnin’ time of two minutes and 10 seconds you know these are packed with a punch!

Vinyl4Bootboys Records is releasing some top notch records that are an absolute must-have in your collection and this is no exception. Great music on both sides, slick artwork and limited to 250 copies (150 copies on black vinyl and 100 copies on clear red vinyl) that deserves your support!