Savage Beat - Trench Warfare 12"LP (černý)

Image of Savage Beat - Trench Warfare 12"LP (černý)

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The Savage Beat comes from Amsterdam, and "Trench Warfare" is their first. At the very beginning they set a high bar. The album contains six songs of energetic and catchy rock'n'roll, and the chorus of songs is poured into memory just after the first listening. I'm not surprised that this 12" has occupied the second place of the 2017 playlist at American Oi! It's an absolutely brilliant thing to be appreciated by the bands of the bands below.

For fans: The Templars, The Cliches, Shameless, Vanity, Les Teckels, Blitz, Criminal Damage and Live by The Sword.


Side A:
A1. Always Dreaming 03:32
A2. Revenge 02:25
A3. Through With You 01:47

Side B:
B1. Trench Warfare 02:49
B2. The Drinking Song 01:41
B3. Easy Way Out 02:11