One Last Round ‎– One Last Round 7"EP

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Five songs 7" EP from Greek hardcore band One Last Round.
This band consists of members from bands: Soberphobia, Ten Beers After, Smoking Barrels, Χατ Τρικ (Hat Trick).

Side A:
1. More Than This 2:25
2. Wannabe 2:31

Side B:
3. Stupid Mistakes 1:44
4. No For An Answer 1:15
5. Athens By Night 2:16


Band bio:
We met in a dark, damp and dirty alleyway five years ago. We've been experimenting since, doing absolutely nothing. In the mornings for diversion, we have regular office jobs but in the evening we lead dangerous local gangs and abuse musical instruments and our livers. With minimal effort and no trouble we are now releasing our first EP through Lonewolf Productions and in the future we hope to conquer the top of nothing. Dreamy and ethereal hardcore tunes gathered in a 7'' disc full of joyful and hard to find melodic gems. Like psychotherapy but cheaper.

Pressing Information
10x Test pressing (clear vinyl)

200x Black vinyl - 2 versions:
1. Artwork “Skinhead” (Limited 75pcs)
2. Artwork "Skeleton” (Limited 125pcs)