Lion Fight - s/t 10"

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Band bio:

Dual vocal, 6 piece Hardcore outfit from Melbourne, Australia. Featuring members of Marching Orders, Bulldog Spirit, Stranglehold, Napalm Hearts and All in Brawl. Old School, straight up Hardcore, influenced by the Cro Mags, Madball, Sheer Terror, Toe to Toe and Grim Reality.


Side A:
1. Lion Fight Intro / Undefeated
2. Stregnth of Ten
3. Face The Day

Side B:
1. Reclaim
2. Spit
3. Friend to Foe
4. Invictus
5. Still I Rise

Pressing info:
10 x yellow clear test press
150x Black vinyl
100x Grey vinyl

Review Backstreet Battalion:
Lion Fight is brand new band hailing from Melbourne, Australia with ¾ Stranglehold members in line up (instead of drummer Lease) and some All in Brawl members. The band plays in six (two guitars and two vocals). This is their debut 10´´ with nine songs and around about 22 minutes playtime. Definitely do not expect anything like Stranglehold or RazorCut. The main vocals are sung by man (or by two men – one vocal is rough and the second one is more shouted and they are changing and complementing each other – one sing half of the strophe and second one complements the rest – like in song Face the Day) and also the music is much more harder and darker. It is pure rough oldschool hardcore and there are also some guests in the songs – like in song Reclaim which is really great where you may hear Dimma from Grim Reality (song is about the fact that we should reclaim our culture back and don´t allow it to become fashion trend with no heart and soul) or in song Undefeated with Doug from Bulldog Spirit on vocals. Rhythm varies from slower songs (lion Fight) to really fast ones (Spit or Invictus). Sometimes I have problem to recognize if the vocal belongs to man or woman because guitarists Lisa (who sings in Stranglehold) really knows how to shout. Other songs are called Strength of Ten, Friend to Foe and Still I´ll Rise. From the names of the songs you may recognize the hardcore spirit and topics – never give up even if you lose and stand against all, help or treachery of friends and getting the best from the life which flows around you. In gatefold cover you will find lyrics (which are sadly written as one text and it is hard to find the beginning and the end of single one) and no band photo. Graphics of the cover is ok. Who likes bands like All in Brawl, Bulldog Spirit or older ones like Vicious Circle will definitely love this LP. I am not too much into HC stuff but this has idea and the songs are great.

Review American-Oi:
I think I am probably praising Czech label Vinyl 4 Bootboys in every review that I write up. Simply because I have mucho respect for what Michal is doing and the way he run things. He puts out tons of records, releases are coming out in a fast pace and best of all, it’s not just quantity but also quality! His latest quality signing comes straight out of Melbourne, Australia and is newcomer Lion Fight!

Although I say ‘newcomer’ these guys, and gal, certainly aren’t new to the scene. With (ex-) members from All In Brawl, Marching Orders, Stranglehold and Napalm Hearts (don’t know that last one) in it’s formation, Lion Fight is full of experience and make this self-titled debut 10” a real ‘Melbourne family’ album with featured guest vocals by Doug (Bulldog Spirit), Dimma (Grim Reality) and back-up vocals by Al and Ben from Marching Orders. With I believe all members from Marching Orders being involved and ¾ of Stranglehold you might believe this is ‘just’ a side-project, though it isn’t officially stated as such, so I’ll just leave it at that.

Musically it doesn’t have anything to do with Marching Orders, or Stranglehold for that matter, but it comes close to Kuhny, one of the singers (yes there are two), his other band All In Brawl. Correct, Lion Fight is furious and vicious hardcore with dual vocals. Not that metalcore crap they try to sell as core these days. No, pure old school, violent as hell, skinhead hardcore as it should be! This 10” contains a total of nine songs that clock over 21 minutes of proud Australian hardcore insanity, fuckin’ love this shit! As should you!

Despite the fact that we are just half over 2014 this will be without a doubt one of my favorite 10” releases of this year, no doubt about it. This bad boy should roll off the presses real soon, so keep an eye on the Vinyl 4 Bootboys page to stay in the loop, because with the musicians backgrounds and the quality these Aussies produced these will go fast!