Join The Rejects - Your Place 12" (Black, 180-200g vinyl) - LAST COPIES

Image of Join The Rejects - Your Place 12" (Black, 180-200g vinyl) - LAST COPIES

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Side A:
1. Bajo riesgo 4:04
2. Fuera de control 3:29
3. Smash the hard reality 2:52

Side B:
4. Viejas glorias
5. Your place
6. Boot boys

Pressing info:
10x testpressing in surprise color
165x black 180-200gram vinyl

Review Backstreet Battalion:
Joint the Rejects is Valencia based Oi! band with Glory Boys members and this is their second LP. After the mini LP called The Real Oi! from La Costera released on Crowbar came the band with next mini LP called Your Place and it will be released on Vinyl 4 Bootboys. On LP limited to 150 black pieces and 10 test pressings in surprise color you may listen to six songs. Three of them are in English (Boot Boys, Your Place and Smash the Hard Reality) and three are in Spanish (Bajo Riesgo – Low Risk, Fuera de Control – Out of Control and Viejas Glorias – Old Glory, which may you know from their debut). The first song shows you what should you expect…it is Oi! music in style of Glory Boys (but not as hard as them) or Mercancias. I really like the bass guitar since the beginning which plays solos from the first second of the song and this song ends with classic piano sound. Second song has great guitar since its start. Third one is the first song in English and I was little bit surprised with vocalist´s accent – their mother tongue fits more to him but the music is the same in English and Spanish tunes. In Vijas Glorias are great changing in vocals and according to review on their debut I like this song in 2011 also. Your Place is really melodic song with great singalong and it deserves to be the title song of the album. The last one Boot Boys is cover from Condemned 84. Cover is done in classic way and inside will be lyrics and photos for sure as usual on V4B releases which keeps great standard of its records and this LP fits into it for sure.

American Oi:
Join The Rejects hail from Valencia, Spain and shares members with the Glory Boys that come out of the same city. In 2011 Join The Rejects released their first 12” EP on local labels Crowbar and Actua Records and now the boys are about to release their second 12” on Czech’s very own Vinyl 4 Bootboys Records entitled “Your Place”.

If you are familiar with my Eastern European friends you know by now their vinyl releases are limited, but for this record they went for the ultimate limited release with just 150 copies on heavyweight black vinyl. A shame, because besides limited releases the label is also known for their top quality releases that should be heard by far more people than the quantities they produce, and “Your Place” is, yet again, one of those releases!

I am big on Spanish releases, and despite most of my Spanish records being from Catalonian bands there isn’t a single bad record from Spain in my collection. I prefer the bands that sing in their native tongue and on their debut 12” “The Real Oi! From La Costera” this was also the case. But with “Your Place” Join The Rejects went 50/50 with three songs in Spanish and three songs in English, making it a total of six. This includes a re-recorded version of the previously releases “Viejas Glorias” (from their debut) and the Condemned 84 cover “Boot Boys”, but every single song on here sounds great, if it’s a golden oldie or not. Great powerful vocals (especially the Spanish tracks), fantastic melodies by both bass and electric guitars and strong refrains make this a must-have if you like your Oi! ‘rare & exotica’!

Join The Rejects… or get yourself killed!